Capitol Corridor

            Café Car

            Most Capitol Corridor trains offer food and beverage service in the Café Car. The Café Car is typically in the middle of the train and is indicated with a decal on the outside of the car. You may bring your own food on board and consume it at your seat; however, you may not eat personal food in the  Café Car. Additionally, personal food items, beverages, medicine, baby bottles or food, etc. cannot be stored, warmed, or cooled in the Café Car. You can only consume alcoholic beverages on board if they are purchased in the Café Car, and the attendant may check your government-issued photo  ID to confirm you are of legal drinking age. Amtrak does not allow you to drink alcoholic beverages you have brought on board.

            Café Cars are not available on Train 549 and Train 550 due to equipment limitations.
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