Capitol Corridor trains offer complimentary Wi-Fi to keep you connected during your ride. Look for Your Train WiFi in your device’s list of available hot spots. The Capitol Corridor’s Your Train WiFi page includes useful service information such as Train Status, schedules, and the Café Car menu, as well as links to current promotions and local curated content.

How to connect:
  • Select Wi-Fi network “YourTrainWiFi”.
  • Open or refresh your browser to see the welcome screen.
  • Click “I agree, get connected” to proceed to the Internet.
Data Limitations
To ensure there is enough bandwidth for all of our onboard users, this free amenity supports general web browsing activities only. Our Wi-Fi does not always support high-bandwidth actions such as streaming video, music, or downloading large files. Please be advised the Capitol Corridor Wi-Fi service uses content filtering to block inappropriate content.

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