Wi-Fi Connectivity - Amtrak Connect Landing Page

Wi-Fi Connectivity - Amtrak Connect Landing Page

In order to connect to onboard Wi-Fi, the Amtrak Connect Landing Page must appear on your screen to accept the Terms of Use. If it looks like you are on the Wi-Fi, but that the Internet isn't actually working, it means you are connected to the access point, but not to the router, and this can happen for a number of reasons. The system could just be down and rebooting, or it may be the result of an older browser, a corporate laptop, or other client anomalies that arise from time to time. 
To resolve this issue, either type into your browser www.amtrakconnect.com (and accept the Terms of Use), or turn off and turn back on their device's Wi-Fi and wait for the landing page to appear. If that does not work, please contact Capitol Corridor and note the date of travel, train number, and car number where the problem occurred. 

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