Large, wheelchair accessible restrooms are available on the lower level of all coach cars. Some cars also offer an upstairs restroom.
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    • Wheelchair Weight & Size Limit

      In compliance with the ADA, the wheelchair lift on the train will accommodate a standard wheelchair (not to exceed 30” wide and 48” long), either manual or battery-powered. The combined weight of the wheelchair and the passenger cannot exceed 600 ...
    • Special Assistance

      If you need assistance at any time, ask one of the conductors or a station agent. Plan to arrive at the station at least 10-15 minutes early so you do not have to rush to catch your train. Look for visual markers adjacent to the coach doors to assist ...
    • Stations

      The Capitol Corridor has both staffed and unstaffed stations along our route. Staffed stations have agents available to personally assist with ticket purchases, customer service needs, and questions. Restrooms, bike storage, and other amenities are ...