Lost and Found

Lost and Found

Think you've lost or misplaced an item?

Reporting lost items:
Please submit a Lost Item Report through Amtrak in order to locate your item.

Once you fill out the online form you'll get an email with your Lost Item ID tracking number. Their team will continue to look for your item and provide you with regular email and/or text updates (if opted in) on the status of the search.
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      Monthly unlimited and 10-ride tickets, as well as most one-way and round-trip tickets, are issued as eTickets, regardless of how they are purchased. These tickets do not have cash value and may be reprinted or accessed on a computer or mobile device ...
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      Passengers are allowed to have two carry on items when riding the Capitol Corridor. Carry on items cannot exceed 50 lbs with dimensions that do not exceeding 28” x 22” x 14”. The two-piece limit for carry-on bags does not apply to personal items such ...
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      Conductors may check anyone’s government-issued photo ID and ticket. At the discretion of the Federal Transportation Security Administration (TSA), police officers may conduct random passenger ticket and identification checks on board trains. ...
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